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Setting up environment and requirements for Python projects

Installing every project requirement packages to global environment is difficult to manage and once you are done with your project these installed packages are redundant unless you are going to use them for almost every other project you start. Keeping a track of these project specific requirements also become difficult ...
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Top 5 web hosting services for website / web app development

Having a good web hosting service is crucial for your presence or business on the internet. Your website or services should be available 24x7 with minimum downtime to ensure maximum profits for your business. Disk space, uptime or number of email id provided, etc. should not only be the point ...
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Monitoring Web Servers and Resources

What do you mean by web server/resource monitoring?Creating web applications and websites are fairly easy, but to keep them running and updated isn't so easy task especially for those who are running their own server at home or on cloud service providers like Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean Droplets or any kind of ...
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