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Setting up environment and requirements for Python projects

Installing every project requirement packages to global environment is difficult to manage and once you are done with your project these installed packages are redundant unless you are going to use them for almost every other project you start. Keeping a track of these project specific requirements also become difficult ...
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Switching to Python from another programming languages

I have been asked many times by my peers, How difficult is it to code in Python? but the answer is quite the opposite. Switching to Python is very simple. If you already know how to code in any programming language then learning Python is a piece of cake. I ...
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Importance of good text editors and IDE for writing code

Using good text editors or Integrated Development Environments (IDE) is important to new programmers as it is to well-experienced ones. While advanced text editors like Notepad++, Sublime text, etc. fulfill basic requirements of many programmers such as syntax highlighting, word completion, multi-tab for editing multiple files, etc. but lack the ...
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