Top 5 Web Hosting Services For Website / Web App Development

Having a good web hosting service is crucial for your presence or business on the internet. Your website or services should be available 24x7 with minimum downtime to ensure maximum profits for your business. Disk space, uptime or number of email id provided, etc. should not only be the point of consideration while choosing a good web hosting service especially for those who are not technically sound. A good web hosting service should also have 24x7 support and unlimited bandwidth with your other requirements. You never know when your system or network needs troubleshooting and if you don't have a DevOp developer, it becomes difficult to resolve issues on your own making it essential for 24x7 support by your web hosting provider.

Sure there are a lot of cheap and free web hosting services available which says 99% or more uptime and provides tons of features but very few of them actually have a reputable service quality. You cannot even argue for downtime to providers giving free services as they do not provide Service Level Agreement (SLA) which ensures the quality of services as advertised on their website or on any of their affiliate members website. Network are usually slow having an impact on website performance and have a relatively low bandwidth which will increase unavailability of your website once the threshold is crossed.

Here are top 5 web hosting providers which have an awesome quality of service and are always ready to support you whenever required so you can focus on your business or new features in your application rather than to troubleshoot the server.


If you are a PHP developer or your web product runs on PHP, look no further. Hostinger provides a great package deals with support for technologies like PHP, MySQL, FTP, cURL, etc. with other amenities like website builder, cron, email support and weekly backups of your data. These features provide easy deployment of your PHP based website like WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, or even custom PHP websites. Custom cPanel is provided to ease most of your work. They provide live support for business web hosting which is handy and can resolve your issues within minutes. If you are unsatisfied with their services, they also provide 30 days money back guarantee. Know more.

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Bluehost offers a lot more support to web technologies than Hostinger like Python, RoR, Perl, etc. They provide Xeon Quad-core processor based servers for high performance and use RAID-1 (Mirroring) technique to backup customers data. Custom cPanel offers a lot of security features like Hotlink and Leech protection, IP blocking and Password protect directories with other usual features found in other cPanel. If you are unsatisfied with their services, they also provide 30 days money back guarantee. Know more.


Bigrock is almost similar to Bluehost in terms technologies supported and features provided including its 30 days money back guarantee in case of service dissatisfaction. Bigrock also provides cheap domain registration for new users in comparison to others. Hosting is a bit costly in comparison to Hostinger and Bluehost but has a package deal to cater a variety of requirement. Know more

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is a famous cloud service platform providing Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) and grants freedom for developers to configure the servers according to the requirements. It does not provide a cPanel like others above but gives you full system access to configure and deploy your website or application. It also provides various services which can be coupled for usage like Elasticsearch, DynomoDB, etc. for your application unlike other web hosting providers which normally provide shared hosting with a preset list of installed and configured softwares and does not provide system access or to install other third party software and databases. Since you are responsible for configuration of the service you use and install, you are also responsible for its security. You can avail free tier usage for small usages and application within their well-defined rules and usage policies which upon crossing threshold will be charged accordingly using pay as you go model. They have state of the art datacenters across the globe with disaster recovery options. Know more.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform provides Platform As A Service(PAAS) which unlike Amazon provides a cloud deployment manager for deploying applications. It has support for a limited set of programming languages which include GO, PHP, Java, Python, NodeJS, .NET and Ruby. Google Cloud Platform is tightly bound to Google provided services which include software, BigTable for the database, APIs, etc. It is ideal for applications which would use Google environment to the fullest but would be difficult to use within the case of solutions requiring relational database structure. Which would be more of a question related to which programming stack to use as discussed here. Similar to Amazon, it also follows pay as you go model and only charges for the services used. Know more.